Written: '96 or '98, can't remember. Either way, I was a baby. Never finished this one. Edited for spelling and grammar errors to save your eyes.
In a peaceful little house on a clear, bright day, I sit looking over the vast ocean on a dusty, but comfortable window-sill. I hear seagulls chatting to each other, and the laughing children at play. I smell the salty sea air and lovely food scents swirling through the air.
I see puffy white clouds gather like soft snow in the sky. I see couples hand-in-hand, smiling, and skimming their toes over the cool water. I smile to myself and think this happy thought: We are together, my friend. And you'll stay in my heart.
My name is Tabbitha. You may by now be wondering who, or what I am. Well, I will tell you. I'm a Purebred Himalayan cat. I have a long but messy white and brown coat, and my eyes are the color of the sky. I like to be outside, near the ocean.
I also enjoy sitting on the window-sill. I like to sleep in front of the blazing fire-place, and I like drinking milk. But most of all, I like to be around my best friend, Wesley.
Wesley is a mixed breed of some type. He's medium sized, and has a long golden coat. He has a little black spot on his muzzle, and all his paws have white spots on them. He also has a black freckled face. He's certainly different, and very intelligent. He's been with me ever since I was a kitten, and we've been best friends ever since.
Wesley is very nice to me. He goes to the beach with me, tells me secrets, and makes sure I'm always safe. One time, a car almost ran me over while I was outside, and he ran out, and saved me. I thanked him very much for that.
Then he said this: "You will find the true meaning of friendship, on a peaceful day." He then smiles, with a caring wink, and goes back inside. I never did understand what he really meant, until three months later.
I will tell this story just the way I remember it, in my eyes. This will go back to three months ago, to when Wesley and I found out something we never wanted to deal with. What you ask? Well, pay close attention, and you will soon find out.
It was a Tuesday morning, and I was awaken to disturbing noises coming from my owner's room. It sounded like dresser doors opening, and closing, rapidly. I lifted my head sleepily, and stretched. More noises were being made. My sensitive ears boomed with every vibration.
I climbed out of my comfortable bed, and yawned. "BOOM!" My eyes narrowed in grogginess, and confusion, as I made my way, out of the living room, and up the carpeted stairs. The bell on my collar jingled with every step I took. When I was finally at the top, I met Wesley up there as well. The sounds probably woke him up, too.
"Is he knocking down walls in there?" He asked sarcastically.
I chuckled. "Sounds like it!"
"Let's go see what's up, Tabby."
I followed him in our owner's room. I jumped up on his bed, and Wesley sat near the door. Our guesses were not even close to what our owner was doing. He was getting stuff out of his closet, and putting it in a box. I also noticed that a few books had fallen off the shelf.
That would explain the booming noise. But the main question right now was: why was he putting his belongings in that box? I glanced over at Wesley. He had a confused expression on his face, but then, in a second, he realized what was going on, and looked upset.
"What is it?" I whispered.
He motioned with his head for me to follow him. He lead me outside, near the stairs. "What's going on, Wesley?" I asked, very concerned.
He sat down, and sighed, shaking his head in sadness.
"Tabbitha," He started. I didn't say anything, but kept my eyes and ears open.
My eyes bugged out. "No, no, it can't be, you must be mistaken..." I said, my voice trailing off.
"No, Tabby, it's true." He said with fear and sadness in his voice, making it squeak.
"It very much looked like moving to me."
I shook my head.
"I very much doubt that he just likes putting his things in a box." Wesley added, with sarcasm.
My beach, my window, my house.... I thought, feeling tears ready to burst out any second. It was all just too much. I ran down the stairs instantly hating life. I had no idea it was about to get worse.
At about 4:00 P.M., Wesley and I both heard the doorbell ring. He rushed over toward it, and started barking. My owner ran swiftly to the door in a rush.
"Okay Wesley, stop!"
As soon as Wesley stopped barking, my owner opened the door.
"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin!" He said cheerfully, to whoever was at the door.
"Please come in."
Just then, two strange people with weird clothing and pale faces walked in. The lady was wearing an animal around her neck. Wesley sat down next to me in shock of these strange people.
"Wesley, what do you suppose that thing is?" I asked him staring at the furry tail-like thing.
"Well, Tabby, to me it looks like a raccoon that ate too much garbage!" He said.
I chuckled, and said, "You got that right! But seriously, Wesley, what is it really?
"Some type of furry animal that humans kill, and then turn into a scarf to wear."
I made a face. "That's horrible!"
"It looks like it could possibly be a raccoon, or maybe a squirrel, who knows!" He said, eyeing it suspiciously.
We both just sat there staring at the weird creature.
"What a lovely view of the beach!" Said the creature-wearing lady, looking outside my window.
Yeah, and it's never going to be yours! I thought selfishly.
"You've got such a nice home, Mr. Aarons!" The lady commented.
"Thank you!" our owner said, smiling. Right then and there, I wanted to pull all those smiling teeth out of his mouth! How could he do this to us?
"Ew, why is there cat hair all over this window-sill? The man asked, making a disgusted face at it. My eyes narrowed in anger at the man.
"Oh, that's because my cat Tabitha likes to sit there and look out the window."