Written: October 16, 2004
She is far too beautiful for me to look at her only once, even too beautiful to describe. She owns a beauty that is restricted, only she can possess it, because she is the reason the word even exists. Every time my eyes glance her way, I want to cry because I know she'll never be mine. I can never whisper to her, make her giggle, touch her face, her hair, or breathe in her scent. She is everything, and I am nothing.
All the people that I've met in my time wither away when I look at her. Not a soul would understand me until they see her. She never talks, she doesn't need to. My life stands still for that one moment that I see her, because then everything seems to possess a beauty as strong as her own, and the world is a fairy tale. But if so, where is the happy ending? I still cry, and inhale her beauty like oxygen. But just maybe one day our paths will cross, and I will tell her that she is beauty and I love her.